Published: 21st June 2006
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QUESTION If my flat is built in 1987 and my main door faces North, is my flatprosperous ?

ANSWER From the year 1984 to the year 2003 , any house or flat that sits at the south and faces the north and has the main door at north has a very good fengshui house till the year 2003. However the external topography will also playa part to the family's health and wealth. However, if , the house or flat have also been checked by a Vastu & Feng-shui Master, then this gives them enhanced SUCCESS.

QUESTION Can I have a fish tank in my living room for wealth and success ?

ANSWER No. Fish tank cannot be placed where you like., it is not advisable to

have a fish tank in your living room. Please check with a Qualified Vastu & Fengshui

Master before placing a Fish tank in the house.

QUESTION Can I hang a metal wind chime in the house?

ANSWER It is not advisable to hang metal wind chimes in any sectors of the house as certain sectors can attract spirits to your house when you place them there. Please check with a Qualified Vastu & Feng-shui Master for placement of


QUESTION My office table is opposite the main door is it Good or bad ?

ANSWER The table should never be opposite the door as the energy coming in once the door is opened, will hurt you. Hence it is better to have the door at a corner of your office room if possible. Also the table should not be such that your back is towards the table.

QUESTION I have a RED colour paint in the bed room is it good.?

ANSWER The red co lour is an element of fire and it makes a person very aggressive and bad tempered. Always use light colors in the bedroom.

QUESTION Is it important to check the FENG-SHUI and Vastu of the House before

buying or after buying. ?

ANSWER It is advisable to get the house audited by a Qualified Vastu & Feng-shui Master before buying so that the there is no need for any majour changes to be done later on . But if you already have a house and you are living in it then too its equally important to get it inspect by a Qualified Vastu & Feng-shui Master who will guide you with his knowledge on how to keep the energies in the house proportionally balanced thus providing you with a better quality of life and enhanced success.

QUESTION How can Vastu & feng-shui cure negative energies and promote


ANSWER Vastu and Feng-Shui can definitely cure negative energy and promote happiness. These ancient and valuable sciences aim at generation,

accumulation and flow of Positive energy through correct placement of objects

and balancing your house or shop with the help of various Cures, symbols and

remedies ( crystals , wind-chimes , pictures .. etc ) thus promoting happiness.

QUESTION I need to place an air-condition in my room since the summer season

is approaching , where shall I install it ?

ANSWER An air conditioner is a fire element as it runs on electricity therefore the

best placement is south and south west but it can placed in most good energy


QUESTION Do Vastu and feng-shui really work or is it just a psychological


ANSWER YES . Vastu and Feng-shui is not a farce but a SCIENCE. The rules of Vastu and Fengshui are truth and laid down many thousand years ago. And you will be surprised to know that as per The Ramayana the complete city of Ayodhaya was designed and constructed by MANU a leading architect of that time in full conformity as per the principles of Vastu-Shastra.

Vastu-Shastra also has references in the period of Gautham BUDDHA and also the ROMAN EMPIRE.

QUESTION Are new houses better than older houses?

ANSWER A newer house is always considered better since it has no past occupants. The result is less persistent energy of past occupants. These are just a couple of advantages of the newer house. But there are many older homes that still have good energies, even better than the new homes since most new homes

are not build as per VASTU.

QUESTION What's the best color to paint for the exterior of a house?

ANSWER Each direction has an element and its corresponding color. If the external color were painted according to the direction of the house and it element then this would prove productive and enhance the overall luck of the house.

QUESTION What is the ideal place for keeping safe/money in the house

ANSWER North is the ideal location to keep money and valuables in the house.

QUESTION How do I get started?

ANSWER You can simply register at our site and provide us with all your details and we will fix up an appointment with our Vastu Fens-shui consultant

Mr AMIT LAMBA who will visit your place and do a complete vastu assessment.

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